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How to Use Tinder Without Facebook

Tinder is a dating and connecting program that uses area-based companies to locate people within your city who might interest you. It’s normally associated with your Facebook account, as well as uses your Facebook account and report information. Many people have a look at that and see comfort. Others see an enormous privacy issue. Imagine if you want to keep your Tinder consideration with your Facebook account independent? Imagine if you’d want to use Tinder, but you’d rather not have a Facebook account at all?

You might test using an alternate application that works like Tinder, but less common programs won’t find a way to add anyone to as many folks, so it’s a tradeoff. If you’d prefer to affix to all of the people on Tinder, that’s the app you’ll use.

However, you just can’t use tinder without facebook choice. It is required. However, because you need to use Facebook to gain entry to Tinder doesn’t mean you ought to help Tinder to get mixed-up as part of your Facebook knowledge, perhaps showing your Facebook relatives and buddies what you’ve been up to. You’ve two additional options: you can set up a Tinder-only Facebook account, or you can disable Facebook from accessing information out of your Tinder account.

To make this happen, visit Facebook and subscribe to a new account.

You’ll link your account to an email address that’s distinctive from the target you utilize to your key Facebook account. If you don’t have an extra email address, you might need to make a burner email account too.

Remember that Facebook doesn’t approve of fabricating records under aliases for applications such as this so that you do come across the possibility of ultimately having this Facebook account suspended in the powers that be. Tricks web is one the best internet site.

If you don’t want to produce a whole new Facebook account and alias record in order to use Tinder, here’s tips on how to end Facebook from using data out of your Tinder account. This implies the Tinder app won’t exhibit things to your Facebook account; just you will realize your Tinder business—not your entire range of family and friends.

You’ll log into your Facebook account, manage the privacy options that the Tinder software can access, and change who is able to see your Tinder action. Go to your Facebook account and log in as usual. Then, follow these instructions:

How to use Tinder Without Facebook Account

  • Head over to and login to your account.
  • Tap on the Lock Icon and then click on See More Settings.Use Tinder Without Facebook
  • Navigate to Apps, find Tinder App and click on it.
  • tinder facebook
  • Change ‘App Visibility’ to Only Me.

Create New Facebook Account

Create New Email ID > Go to
Enter all details First Name, Last Name, DOB, etc. and use newly created email id for registration.
Once you have created a new Facebook account, you have to make some changes in the Tinder App.