Our Story

Our Story

The staff at Chippawa Animal Hospital have a combined total of over 100 years experience in veterinary medicine.  That doesn’t make us old, just dedicated at a very young age. Our story is one of trust, commitment and compassion for animals.

The clinic was founded by Dr. Peggy Dowell in 1991.  It has grown to now staff 2 veterinarians, 2 registered veterinarian technicians, 2 receptionists/assistants and 1 veterinary practice manager. You can learn more about us on our staff page which has short biographies linked to each of us.

The majority of the staff have been together for well over a decade, some over 2 decades! The time and experiences shared has really made us a family.  We all have a common goal, and that is  to make the health and well being of your pet our fore most priority.  We are committed to the leading standards of veterinary medicine by taking every opportunity to update our knowledge through continuing education.  As a practice of excellence we are devoted to always giving our patients and their families the highest level of service, respect and courtesy.  And we will always treat your pet with the utmost love, care and compassion.

We understand and are fully committed to nurturing the human/animal bond that makes the relationships we share with our pets so special.

We invite you and your furry friends to join our family.